rainy day dream away

monsoons. are. here.

listening. 2  the. rain.


all night. painting. with.  electric .lady land. album

jimi hendrix.

song: rainy,day.dream.away

i painted…Golden Bare all… in 1 sitting.

i don’t. usually. do.  that

just flowed. out. of. me.


scott david morgan

Note the man in the mirror. Remember Scott’s first reaction of shock & awe when he saw himself for the first time and realized how much weight he’s lost? That was months ago and he’s gotten thinner. His oncologist here in Goa told me this week that he is flummoxed as to how Scott is able to be so conscious and alert and creative without eating and with his body in the condition that it is in. Today Scott decided to have some chicken and rice and was able to keep several bites down. This, and some ice cream, and lots of love is sustaining him.


GOLDEN BARE © scott morgan 2013

4 thoughts on “rainy day dream away

  1. I remember lying in bed in Rio with headphones on listening to Rainy Day DreamAway many anight! That was amazing breakthrough music. There seemed to be a rivalry between Cream and Hendrix on who could outdo each other with brilliant new work. Boy – I wish music was that inventive these days!

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