the clock ticks on…

Dear Friends, & Family~

Scott and I have been very open in sharing his journey with you and the public via this blog. Today we’d like to apprise you all of the change in his condition. For the first time today his doctor broached the subject that it appears his body is winding down. Both his blood pressure and his heart rate are extremely low and that is not good. His energy and muscle strength are at the minimum for moving around in his bed. We’ve reached the point where Scott must conserve as much energy as possible for the smallest of tasks (like talking on the phone with his family).

Regarding emails: Personal emails are still welcome, however we both ask that you please do *not* send any junk email forwards, no videos, no lengthy missives or maudlin goodbyes. Please do not expect a personal response from Scott or take it personally if he cannot respond to you directly. ALL email including and especially those emails that you want Scott to see should be going to Katy at I will do my best to respond to each email and can only try my best to get back to you as soon as I can on Scott’s behalf.

Although there was no timeline given, the reality is that Scott’s condition has declined considerably in the past week and we need to take these steps as Scott is expecting a visit from his friend Luca arriving June 25th and his sister and brother are booking as we write this. He is very much wanting to conserve his energy for these special people in his life, maybe get a few more paintings done, and working on his Smile 2 the End Foundation project.

Thank you all for your kindness and consideration and for continuing to support us on this journey of a lifetime. Please continue to post on the blog and keep us in your hearts.

Hugz n Love,

Scott n Katy


28 thoughts on “the clock ticks on…

    • Maureen, Scott is always deeply touched by your emails and posts and we both still are incredulous and grateful for your selfless generosity in volunteering to take our two dogs. That 4 month gift was so meaningful to all 4 of us. We remain forever grateful for your friendship. Love, Katy n Scott


    • R I Z,
      What a constant source of support you have been throughout this journey. Your decades long friendship with Scooter has sustained him throughout this final adventure. Thank you for all your many posts, your original songs you sent, the gift of Arches paper…much love, Katy n Scott


    • Dearest Nephew,
      The picture you sent today of you and the 3 gigglebunnies was awesome! Cheered your Unkle Scott to see all your smiles. We thank you for your love and support. Katy n Scott


  1. Rec’d my copy of Going to Goa this week. I will treasure it and look forward to sharing with special friends who also “get” what is important in life. Traveling through the pages evokes many emotions, but I must admit that my favorite one is when your whimsy catches me off-guard and I laugh out loud–thank you!


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