sleep sleep sleep

can hardly keep my eyes open

think of how wonderful it was to see luca

to be with my sister

and have katy by my side every minute

it’s getting harder

i can hardly think straight

my art has stoppped

that’s very sad

i’ll miss everyone

love, compassion to all

what great memories of an incredible life.




hanging in there now.

scott waddy

sundown june 29th (c) scott morgan 2013

Scott woke up this evening and asked me to take down something to share with you all. He said it is time to tell people what is happening with him. I said on the blog? He said yes. He said that he wanted people to know how great it was to have Lindy here and Luca but that he couldn’t even move himself to look at them and could hardly talk.  I told him I’d been posting regularly to the blog and I read him my last few posts since the July parade post. He was silent a few minutes and then began the “sleep sleep sleep” monologue which I wrote in his style as a freeform poem. We’ve chosen to post a picture of the last painting he was able to do, last Friday, with his friend Luca here also working with paint.

26 thoughts on “sundown

  1. for scotty

    we dream our dreams . . .
    life has been full of dreams
    full of breathing and crying and laughing and loving
    but always dreaming

    the warm touch of your smile
    soft words
    shared food
    all pieces of my dream

    dreams live in the waking
    dreams live in sleep
    watched by our moon
    cradled by our earth

    we all come together
    we are dreams dreaming
    together always in our separateness

    you are floating in my dream
    now and forever
    we are floating together
    in the cradle of our dreams

    softly . . . iana


  2. Peace, love and contentment in your heart… know how much you are loved and how many hearts you have touched in this lifetime. The legacy of your art and going to GOA for the final days of your life is and will continue to be a beautiful story that will live on in all our hearts forever. Sweet and loving dreams. Xoxo


  3. That’s a beautiful painting by a beautiful Person and friend . Sleep well my dear friend. With all my love for always and forever. R I Z

    Katy please read to Scott xxoo

    Sent from my iPhone Please excuse typos


  4. Oh what peace I wish for you…
    Sleep deeply
    And dream
    Beautiful places you have been
    And more yet to come.

    Sleep knowing you are being carried tenderly in the hearts of all your friends.

    Lots of love, Maureen


  5. Travel,my long ago friend, on wings of light and love. Actually thank you for sharing that you already are … your last painting from this side says and shows it gloriously … another my heart must own!

    Thank you for showing us about really living … about being and living true to who you really are “balls to the wall”!!! Not me but the only way I could think to express your undying commitment to SELF expression.

    It has been an honor to be invited on this rare and reverent journey. And it’ is an honor to know a true Renaissance Man … and his Soul Mate who created the space for us all to be so blessed.
    Namaste Tanya


  6. Katy and Scott…..if indeed this is the last painting and what you `go out on’ ….what a lovely image. You are going to the sunshine and beauty.

    Andy Thornton LaDIFFERENCE International Furnishings 125 South 14th Street Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 648-6210 (804) 648-1409 Fax “Located in the heart of Richmond’s Shockoe Design District”


  7. Scott, sleep peacefully and thank you for sharing your incredible journey and your beautiful art you are a true inspiration. I wish you and Katy a peaceful night x with much love and hugs to you both.


  8. I know you are aware of the many people around the world who are holding you both close in their hearts. Amazing to think of your many achievements in these past few months, the people you have connected, the ideas you’ve shared, and the love you have generously spread far and wide. Thank you for leaving your footprints in my heart.


    • we are aware that this blog and scott’s mastery of the Art of Dying has resonated for many. it’s hoped that he and his message and his fine art will leave a lasting legacy to continueto inspire alternate ways of thinking and fully living each day as if it were the last. thank you for following our blog and giving us your tender thoughts. namaste


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