a successful death

We’re coming up on the third anniversary of Scott’s passing. According to David G. Allan who wrote this article at CNN.com, Scott got it right…

thoughts on the ‘D’ word

Am I just overly sensitive or is it true we can’t escape reminders of death no matter how hard we try? Scott needs distraction therapy since he can no longer paint so we are often watching TV. Last night, thinking to avoid the horrors of nerve gas victims in Syria we turned to HBO…wrong move […]

mirror mirror.on.the.wall

Self Portrait March 15, 2013 (c) Scott Morgan nxt. day. after. fifth. anniv.day today. 14 was. alittle. crazed…….this am…….wow factor. off the charts…….. got up. walked to. shower. fifteen steps. away…… first time in two mo. in. shower,been. sponge. bathing. in. bed, with. helpfrom. male. nurse asfal. who got me walking. again. …..then. had. biggest […]