vacant vagator


Upon leaving Morjim and Sur La Mer behind, Elizabeth and I told the driver to stop at every beach in North Goa. This one is Vagator, the majestic beach where we had many dinners at Thalassa restaurant on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Remembering Scott regaling us with stories, his bear cane in one hand and his eyes twinkling in the magic light pre-sunset. Revisiting all the places that were there for us in the beginning and became out of reach as soon as the wheelchair became necessary.
Today’s pictures capture the beaches prior to the influx of tourists and seasonal residents that are about to descend on the area. The monsoons end mid-October and that is when the torrents of touristas start arriving.
Restaurants and hotels are still closed up tight and our driver had to really search high and low for a roadside stand that we could all have a cup of coffee at. His diligence paid off and we succeeded in getting some Goan doughy things that reminded me of New Orleans beignets, only without the powdered sugar. I wish I’d take a photo of the place as it was filled with local flavor.

6 thoughts on “vacant vagator

    • myrna,
      i arrived on thursday. so did loolie & hershey.
      2 friends from maine here thru monday helping
      me ‘re-enter’ a home that hasn’t been lived in
      for a year ( groceries, laundry, cleaning)…i can’t
      drive yet and i’m disoriented. i will call you


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