bon voyage & return soon



Look what I found! It was written to Scott by “Uncle Dick” Morgan’s wife Alicia after one of Scott’s whirlwind visits to NYC where he often crashed at their place for a day or two. This postcard paragraph written 30 years ago captured the essence of Scott’s spirit as perfectly as Alicia’s stepdaughter Alison did in her remembrance 3 months ago. Alicia’s precise summation of Scott’s visit speaks to me as a mystical metaphor of his transient visit on earth, and, unintentionally hints at the promise of reincarnation.

Bon voyage and return soon!

2 thoughts on “bon voyage & return soon

  1. Katy even though I never had the pleasure of meeting Scott, to me the words “kaleidoscope and colour” sums up Scott’s personality and lust for life to me! What a wonderful find and hopefully there will be many many more. Hugs to you Katy 🙂


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