twilight collaboration

Twilight TIme ©Katy Allgeyer

Twilight TIme ©Katy Allgeyer

Scott and I often collaborated. He would take photographs of gorgeous scenery that I would later use as source material for my paintings. Sometimes we would even paint the same scene, he in watercolors, I with acrylics. This is a petite picture I did yesterday from one of the last photographs he took from our deck at home. It is only 6″ x 6″ and I am thinking of trying again on a much larger canvas.

end of day ©scott morgan (photography)


4 thoughts on “twilight collaboration

  1. Love all your new paintings(& posted thoughts)….you have brought light and warmth and Spring to a cold, snowy winter. Thank you!! ☺
    Gail Glenn, Bronx, NY


    • Gail~
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on them. Always appreciate the feedback. I did not see you at Janice’s memorial service last summer. I hope you’ll be on Deer Isle this summer and drop by my studio for some tea. Best, Katy


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