the heart speaks in whispers

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Artist Corinne Bailey Rae was promoting her music on NPR today and I was fortunate to catch the interview and hear some of the songs. Corinne knows about loss. In that interview she shared that her husband of 7 years died unexpectedly of an accidental overdose at age 29.

The Heart Speaks in Whispers album of songs is her way of expressing coming out of that grief. She described how it felt to be trapped in the bitterness of grieving only to discover life could be sweet again– as sweet as biting into a Caramel (one of the songs on this CD). For Corinne, like for so many of us who have lost a spouse, it seemed to her that she would never ever dare to dream of finding love again. But as if by magic, she said, she did awaken to the sweetness of a new love that was there all along. She now has been married for 3 years to her longtime friend and music producer. Get a preview of this artist on iTunes. EnJOY!

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