the curator of us

Scott used to love telling the story of how we met. His great friend Joe Gantz–creator of the hit television series on HBO Taxicab Confessionsamong other documentaries–and my friend, Joe’s wife then-blogger/now-novelist Corine Gantz, introduced us. Little did any of us know at the time that these two were setting us up for an incredible journey together.

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Corine has taken her own incredible journey since placing me in Scott’s orbit 14 years ago today. From her wildly popular blog Hidden in France to the book Hidden in Paris and cookbook of the same name to her latest trilogy series The Curator of Broken Things, Corine has blossomed as an internationally published author. The book Hidden in Paris has been published in at least nine languages. Her books are available in all forms hardcover and digital, including audio. The Curator of Broken Things no doubt will follow.  Corine is the inspiration for my own attempt at writing a feature length book. I’m still working on it but coming closer to producing a completed manuscript every day.

I’ve just finished reading Book 3 and have reviewed the trilogy at Good Reads. Corine has proven to be a terrific storyteller. I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone looking for a gripping historical novel with a legendary romance at its core. Of course, in my opinion, Corine’s best love story was a work of non-fiction. In a way, Corine was the curator of us.

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