ending disease premieres tonight

Need some good, positive, uplifting news? I’ve got some! Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Joe Gantz, has a new film debuting tonight worldwide online called “ENDING DISEASE”. You can watch the future of medicine unfold, as the patients he followed throughout their FDA-approved stem cell clinical trials get stunning results. This extraordinary film is the future of medicine happening now smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic.

My readers may recall that Joe Gantz and his wife Corine are responsible for Scott and me getting together! Joe and Scott had a friendship that spanned decades. Joe’s creative projects include “Taxicab Confessions”, “Couples Arguing”, and “American Winter”. The new doc, “Ending Disease” focuses on real people getting real treatment and amazing results from stem cell therapies. I personally have two friends who have benefited from stem cell treatments and might not be here today if this cutting edge medicine were not available to them. This should not be a controversial political hot button issue but sadly, it still is. Joe’s film is a way to educate yourself on why stem cell treatments are a real game changer in modern medicine.

Because of COVID19, the premiere of the movie is being held online with tickets benefiting Joe’s local LA theaters.There is also opportunity for discount tix if you want to sponsor a 10 person watch party. Check out the web site and Buy your tickets at this link …Watch the trailer here or at this link. Congrats, Joe!

Ending Disease Trailer 2:43 from Joe Gantz on Vimeo.


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