sister love

“We said goodbye to his sister Lindy yesterday. That was very very hard to do.” So begins the blog post from another summer eight long years ago. I’m reposting it today in memory of Lindy Morgan Barnett who passed away on August 1, 2021. Saying goodbye to my Sista-in-Love again and it’s very very much harder to do this time. Lindy Morgan Barnett passed away August 1, 2021. Lindy embodied style and charm and loved her family so dearly. Her devotion to her brother Scott meant enduring a long arduous trip from Cleveland to Goa to spend a few more days with him while there was still time. Her then as yet undiagnosed schleroderma made the journey very uncomfortable and difficult for her. She came anyway. And she supported me in my grief even though her own heart was breaking just the same. I have to believe that Lindy and Scott are united once again. Sista, I will never forget you. You are deeply missed.

going to goa


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Scott did this portrait of us awhile back and I just discovered it on his iPad. We said goodbye to his sister Lindy yesterday. That was very very hard to do. Although we have been extraordinarily open with our story up to this point, there are many more moments now of the sense that words are not adequate to express the enormity of the situation. Plus there are too many facets to it…where do I begin. I am daily moved by the kindness of strangers, both here in Goa and globally in the blogosphere. I am bowled over continually by the outpouring of love and grace from family and friends–his, mine, ours– and unexpected places. My personal cloudbursts go unnoticed in the heavy monsoon deluge washing over Goa, washing over me.

Scott is beyond words. He sleeps much of the time but when he is awake…

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4 thoughts on “sister love

  1. Katy- as always you have a beautiful way of saying what you feel. I have followed your blog ( and purchased Scott’s wonderful book) as well as listen to Lindy sing your praises for many years. Even though we have never met, I feel like I know you. Lindy was my closest BFF in Highland Park- and my dearest friend for over 60 years ‼️ I will miss her dearly. I send my deepest sympathy and love to all of you ❤️ Suzie Anton

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    • Suzie- Thank you for your heartfelt compassion. I know of your wonderful enduring friendship with Lindy. It is a blessing. Shared grief and sympathy ❤


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