the gladiator

In the spirit of Every Day Is A Good Day , today really was a good day. Scott took this iPad selfportrait today after completing several more chapters of his video log of stories. He made a few phone calls to friends, including one to Seemore Simmons who filled us in on the fabulous LA […]

let’s do lunch!

Have you ever been to one of Scott’s famous impromptu lunch or dinners? He likes nothing better than to gather up the troops and have a meal together at some interesting restaurant or at home. Often the people at those intimate parties do not know each other but walk away with new friends. Back in […]

we are here in goa!

We made it! We arrived in Goa last night after dark and woke up in paradise. Scott blissed out that the idea has become realized. Our theme song changes with the wind but Elton John’s I’m Still Standing has been coming up a lot lately. Scott is more than still standing. He’s been eating, painting, […]