let’s do lunch!


Have you ever been to one of Scott’s famous impromptu lunch or dinners? He likes nothing better than to gather up the troops and have a meal together at some interesting restaurant or at home. Often the people at those intimate parties do not know each other but walk away with new friends. Back in December we met and quicly befriended Matt Mazzeo at the Sur La Mer Resort in Goa. On discovering he lived in Los Angeles, Scott’s bright blue eyes lit up and he enlisted Matt to put together one of these lunches. Matt sent Scott numerous emails with fun photos as he traveled throughout India but as soon as he got back home he began the task of coordinating invitations to several of Scott’s LA friends ( not easy to get busy people together in the City of Angels!).

The lunch was held Saturday January 26th at the private dining room in Century City’s Toscanova restaurant. We heard this morning from Don Behrstock– longtime friend and furniture biz colleague– that Matt did an incredible job and everyone had fun swapping Scott stories. Jac & Carol Stulberg were of big help in following up with everyone. Scott ‘s much loved niece Mercedes took time out from her intensive studies at USC film school to be there representing his family along with Alison Morgan. Another furniture industry friend, Tony De Fazio drove all the way up from San Diego to be there and brought surprise guest Charles ” Seemore” Simmons with him. Seemore is our dear friend from High Point, North Carolina that is like a favorite uncle in our home. Rumor has it he may even be planning on going to goa to come see us soon.

A big shout out to Matt and everyone who was there at Toscanova! You created a wonderful tribute to Scott that we will always cherish. That’s what friends are for.

7 thoughts on “let’s do lunch!

  1. Scott’s comment posted below:

    so. happy. to. see. smiles.
    hope. was. fun. food. great. new. friends. made………me
    slept. thru. alarms. wake. up. calls. and. long. nt up till late……….
    thanks. matt.
    jac. all who. could be. there

    katy. n I loved. that this. happened
    love. to. all.


  2. Dear Katy and Scotty,

    Still enjoying the resonance of all of the wonderful people who made the time and took the effort to get together to honor you two.  I know there were some folks who really wanted to be there too, however their individual circumstances didn’t permit more to participate.  Your friendships are enduring and you are deeply loved by all !!!   Matt really excelled at pulling everything together.  Don and I were most pleased, an although we tried to help in any way we could Matt kept insisting that he had it all handled – which he did.  Your niece Mercedes is a real jewel and she has that very distinctive Morgan reddish hair – hope that we get to see her sometime in the near future!  Meeting Charles was fabulous – what a truly debonair and worldly man is he!!   We sat across the table from Charles and found him to be quite interesting –  he said that he only met you about 7 years ago and that you had a BIG effect upon him.    

    Keep up the great and profound art work, and your mental projections – all of which is totally appreciated.  I only wish I were there to spend some time with you, but alas I am work bound right now.

    FYI – Memo (Dr. Domenico Cantatore sends you his very best from Osaka, Japan).

    Sending much love,

    Jac ‘n’ Carol


  3. Ho Scotto….Your lunch was a great event….very gumutlichite (sp)  Every one introduced themselves and as you should have the video,and relayed what their connection is to you.  We spent a delightful couple of hours getting to know each other and sharing experiences and stories and detailing their relationship to you.  Matt had arranged this private room in the Toscano restaurant in Century City.  Apparently he used to eat there every day when he worked for CAA. And the food was very Italiano……good.

    I played the recording that I made of you telling the Monkey Monkey Monkey story when I was in Hi Point on my phone and it got a big round of laughter and Matt showed pictures he had taken in Goa and your singing.

    A good time was had by all……..all were neat people.and we all felt very connected with you.   You have had a strong effect on a world of people and sparked people to think in different ways than they always did.  All found inspiration from their connection to you and you have illuminated us all as we ponder our own mortality.

    Lots of love  and lots to Katy


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