i get by with a little help from my friends


We have a friend. A very special friend. Her name is Maureen Farr and she is Max’s mom. Max is a large red standard poodle and our bestest buddy in the whole world. Maureen already had her hands full with Max but she still offered to take care of me and Hershey while our mom Katy is away with our dad, Scott. Maureen drove 1800 miles roundtrip from our island in Maine to pick us up at our winter home in NC. We love Maureen and Max!!! Xoxo Little Loolie. PS why don’t I have my own facebook page??!


How hard is it to say goodbye? These two dogs have been the light of our lives for over six years. They are our children since we met too late in life to have the two legged kind. We are so grateful for Maureen’s generous gift of time and energy and responsible care. With Maureen’s help we have peace of mind knowing Loolie n Hershey are safe and happy with Max. Thank you, Maureen!
We love you, too.
Katy & Scott

14 thoughts on “i get by with a little help from my friends

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