lotus power


hi from. hot heat my watercolors. really were melting
me too……in 90s w humidy in 100plus..so
humid. n hot. and. hard. to think let alone do any art
but,trying. hard to. make. some. art and. feel the local. color
these. flowers are opening. up every. am
just like. me…if. i wake. up
its a fabulous. day
katy and I in pool a. lot. me. up to armpits…patch. keeps. from swimming
happy. n. still kicking…..smilin and. making. art. and. all around. me

lov n hugz. scott

The power of art to heal our hearts is huge. Art gives life meaning. I love that my beloved is creating art—and no doubt some of his finest, deepest images—at this stage of his life. The lotus flower is a sacred and very powerful symbol in Buddhism. Find out more by clicking the previous link. The urge to create art is keeping Scott very engaged in being here, experiencing the now.


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