space traveling

Here we are waiting for the froggie to poop. It’s been waaaay too long. Prescribed laxatives have not done the their job. This is how morphine and fentynol and dilaudid can complicate gastrointestinal problems. Our friend and host Aneel Verman at Sur La Mer insists he has the cure: beet root soup. Aneel finally got him to consume some today and rumor has it there is a $10 bet on the result. Is this TMI? (Too Much Information)

Scott wrote this poem an hour after drinking the pungent broth:

the final frontier…….
we are on the starship loon…..
on the way to a galaxy known as aneel 5….
my special assignment is to locate and taste the
famous beet soup made in a territory known
as marlon brando,where all the dogs are free and the locals
known as goanz…….
we. land in a patch of crazy weeds which pull us into
a whiskey sour laced lagoon
of huge red and green tea looking
lily pads,our lotus colored goggles. do not protect us from
the wild dogz of sunday.,growl,snap,they spew red wine infused
venom but we look the other way
my captain,raju,the kingfisher of jim beam
the mighty,fights off the sunday dogz. so i can
sneak up and taste the beet red hot boiling soup
the ladle is wood the bowl steel, i taste it ,look around
and proclaim
this isnt so bad,you win the ten $ bet
im off to see john and extract the secret movement hidden deep in the bowels
of aneel 5, happy and content i head back in triumph
to explore the next voyage
maybe have shrimps a la nayan
on aneel. 7

till then. my heart skips a beet or two
feeling almost. …….normal.

sdm on a voyage of a lifetime

Watercolor Painting from the Scott Morgan archives.

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