doctor morgan’s cabinet

new. art
thurs,from.  my. head.  not. a book.
very. happy. w. cabinet ,first. time……
having.  lot.  of. art. flowing. out
been. stimulated by.  hospital.  show. new. foundation…forming. now. thru. psychiatrist. existing. foundation.
smile2 the end…
trying.  to. get. concept.  into. hospitals.  in.  many. locations,to. help. people at. end. of. life. terminal ill.  that. are.  depressed,using. my. own. art.  positive. attitude.  happiness,to. get. thru. each day
.the.  exhibit. is on. view at. hospital. now.
unusual great.  press. media. all.  over. india.  and exposure,globally,in. news.     papers.  all.  over.   very. exciting. and. really. having.  wondrfull reception…idea.  is.    travelling.  show
my art. now. then. other. artist. after ,educate unhappy  people. at end of life situations

lov. n. hugz

from goa
Doctor Morgan's Cabinet

DOCTOR MORGAN’S CABINET © scott morgan 2013





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