media blitz continues

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Okay, Scott Morgan Fine Art fans, Scotto Morgani fans, and plain old Scott fans: click on the photo or click here to jump to the wonderful Jeri Rowe article in the Greensboro News & Record today about Lisa Sterling and her next generation of artists that are following this very blog and finding an abundance of inspiration from Scott’s art and philosophy of living. We are in gratitude to our friends Ivan & Wendee Cutler for the introduction of our blog to Lisa and to suggesting this was newsworthy to Mr. Rowe. Scott’s actual voice is fragile now and he is conserving it for his friend Luca‘s visit next week but his essence and his body of work are equivalent to VOICE and that is speaking loud and clear to inspire artists everywhere.

3 thoughts on “media blitz continues

  1. come. on. luca,,like. a. horse race,come on. baby
    comin. dwn the. stretch. heres. scotty. waddy. come around bend. whos gonna. get. to the. finish. line on. time,hopes. its. scotty. waddy. waiting. at the
    finishline,dond. think. the. clev. or. tehachipi horses. r. gonna. make,not w odds like. 80. over 60 in the odds office. come. on. luca……..look its. visa.
    getting a jump….come. on. baby…..heartrates. dropping. crowdz on its. feet………..


  2. A great article, and a great bunch of young adults inspired by you Scott! Great job by Lisa for sharing your trip of a lifetime with the next generation. Brilliant 🙂


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