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Dan Rizzie is our reigning king of posting comments to this blog. The constant communication with us while we were on the trip of a lifetime was a tremendous boost to both of us. He and Scott went to the AIS School in New Delhi where they forged a fast and fierce friendship in 1969.
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©dan rizzie

Dan usually referred to Scott as “Scooter”. Dan’s artwork is coming out in a new book which we are offering here. I particularly love Dan’s large paisley florals as they seem connected spiritually to  Scott’s little book of flowers.

©scott morgan

I have no doubt whatsoever that my Scooter is out there somewhere smiling at Riz’s success.


Dan and Scott circa 1969.

4 thoughts on “rizzie & scooter

  1. Scott loved art and came to my first show in San francisco. Art was a huge link in Scooter and Katy’s relationship and his work flourished when he found the love of his life. The work he made while with Katy ( a fantastic artist herself) was in my opinion , his best and serves as an inspiration tome now and always……….


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