rizzie & scooter

Dan Rizzie is our reigning king of posting comments to this blog. The constant communication with us while we were on the trip of a lifetime was a tremendous boost to both of us. He and Scott went to the AIS School in New Delhi where they forged a fast and fierce friendship in 1969. […]

independence daze

Hey! Where’s the red, white, ‘n’ blue? The buildings draped in patriotic stars ‘n’ stripe bunting? The smell of apple pie and taste of lemonade sold at roadside stands by kids capturing foot traffic from the parade route? Where are all the folks we meet n greet n wish a happy summer n catch up with on their winters and it’s always the same, reassuring, comforting scene? The Fourth of July memories are there…in my heart, chakras wide open…with my other treasures.

bear with him

Today a very special Fedex package from Alaska arrived for Scott. It contained a wooden walking stick that belonged to his Uncle Bob who passed away over a year ago. Bob Satin was Scott’s mother’s brother and a very influential figure in Scott’s life. Bob is the one that invited Scott to come to India […]

rock ‘n’ roll high school

According to Scott’s schoolmate Dan Rizzie–who sent these photos to us–Scott spent a lot of time up on the roof of the A.I.S. high school in Delhi in 1968. What were you doing up there, Scooter?! Revisiting the school the first week of November when Scott and I arrived in Delhi was a priority. I […]