as the days rinse my heart

Yesterday I spent 8 solid hours working in my art studio. Time flew by. It’s a start (and some might say a long overdue one). I pulled this card today from the deck by Mark Nepo. The grieving process is fluid and I can sometimes string an entire week of days together without feeling any sorrow at all. As the days rinse our heart…how that line resonates! I am in the midst of that ocean that the card describes. My art studio is a lifeline to the raft. If there is a tiger in the raft when I get inside it, I now know I will be able to deal with it.


©mark nepo book of awakening

2 thoughts on “as the days rinse my heart

  1. Katy, nobody can decide when the right time for getting back into your studio is, except for you. I’m glad that you got back there yesterday. Let’s be each other’s encouragement to work in February. Much love to you from snowy Deer Isle!


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