moody maine skies

Sentinel © Katy Allgeyer 11

Sentinel © Katy Allgeyer 11″ x 14″ mixed media painting of blueberry barrens in autumn.

Downeast Day ©Katy Allgeyer 14

Downeast Day ©Katy Allgeyer 14″ x 11″ mixed media using roadmap to capture a moody Maine sky

This is what I’ve been up to lately. Long hours in the studio have been rewarded with some new work and several intrepid travelers who’ve seen my signs and stopped by. I’ve got more works in progress that I’ll post here later this week. Meanwhile all of these are drying but available to new homes.

Sail Away © Katy Allgeyer 6" x 6" Mixed Media

Sail Away © Katy Allgeyer 6″ x 6″ Mixed Media

Lupines ©Katy Allgeyer 5" x 5" Mixed Media with compass wheel /nautical chart

Lupines ©Katy Allgeyer 5″ x 5″ Mixed Media with compass wheel /nautical chart

If you happen to be on Deer Isle this weekend why not stop by the Hutton Gallery on route 15 just north of Deer Isle village square. My Blue Series that I created last winter is being unveiled for the first time in a gallery setting. An artist’s reception all afternoon gives me the opportunity to meet and greet.

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