3 fast years

Sunday morning, Sept 11th, it will be 3 fast years. You are missed, Scott. You are not forgotten. Your life-well-lived touched many other lives, inspired others to live life to the fullest, too. I celebrate you with every happiness that comes my way.

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Please honor Scott’s memory via the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship. Donate online at this link. 

2 thoughts on “3 fast years

  1. Katy, I didn’t realize that tomorrow is three years since Scott left us. If you would like to offer a toast to Scott or say a few words tomorrow evening at our party, we want you to feel free to do that. If you would rather keep the date more private, feel free to do that as well. The 3 of us will keep Scott in our memories. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening at 5:30, at the island country club. Our best, Judy

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    • Judy, you are such a very thoughtful and kind friend! I think tomorrow night belongs to you and Ray and I will definitely be there to have fun and enjoy good company as Scott would want me to. No need to commemorate him at your event. See you at 5:30 sharp 🙂 Katy


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