saturday in mumbai

Today we drove by the largest and the most expensive private home in the world. The Ambani family of 5 lives in this private high-rise in Mumbai. We’re told they have 200 servants. This splashy architectural showcase cost over a billion dollars. It’s winter season here now but it’s reached a humid 90 F degrees […]

marley & miracles

Mumbai, November 16. 2012 The past three days have been the worst pain and other symptoms have appeared to add to Scott’s discomfort. Sounds emanating from the bathroom tell an excruciating story that brings no relief to my love. Nights are drenched with sweat and pain. Eating like a bird…but today he wanted to eat […]

mumbai is on edge over rightest hindu leader

Excerpted from today’s International Herald Tribune: The rightest Hindu leader Bal Thackeray is on life support, and reports that the 86 yr old politician is near death brought Mumbai to a virtual standstill on Thursday as businesses closed and residents cleared the streets. Mr. Thackeray, the supreme leader of Shiv Sena, the extremist Hindu organization […]