saturday in mumbai

Today we drove by the largest and the most expensive private home in the world. The Ambani family of 5 lives in this private high-rise in Mumbai. We’re told they have 200 servants. This splashy architectural showcase cost over a billion dollars.

It’s winter season here now but it’s reached a humid 90 F degrees every day so far. We visited Dr. Sachin Amel, chief oncologist at Hinduja Hospital this morning. The visit cost less than $40USD. We were teary eyed when the doctor told us he thinks Scott has made the right decision, to not undertake chemo but to go live in Goa as planned. The dr advised Scott to stop taking methadone and has instead begun fentynol patches, which looks like a large clear tape.

Strangely, Scott has not felt any pain at all since the healer came to work on him.. We are just thankful he is not in pain right now. And, he was able to eat an entire sandwich with fries for lunch.

Please keep those wonderful messages coming our way. You really give us energy!


Painting by Scott Morgan

4 thoughts on “saturday in mumbai

  1. I got up at four thirty this morning to see if there was any action in the Leonid meteor shower were supposed to be having. I watched for a few minutes with no result and started thinking about Scott and almost immediately one shot across the sky. I made a wish for Scott.
    The healer you mentioned seems to be working !!! Love DR


  2. Love hearing these inspirational stories of healing. Thank you for sharing Scott’s paintings as well! Sending you both bountiful blessings that continue to heal on this magnificent journey.
    Much Love,


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