king pandukabhaya & the prince of goa

New watercolor painting by (c)Scott Morgan 2013

This fantastical painting of a king–according to Scott–just came to him out of thin air. But when I googled ‘kings and kingdoms” a wiki link about King Pandukabhaya and nearby Sri Lanka came up immediately, leaving my mind to wander and wonder….could my Prince of Goa be channeling ancient rulers as well as attracting mystical magic? Why not…this is India where anything is possible….just close your eyes. Or open them wide and look far into the worlds within worlds of Scott Morgan’s paintings.
Let the details pull you in deeper. Hear the chanting…smell the incense…feel the breezes on your cheek…the Arabian sea stretches before your eyes….time expanding and contracting all around you….my prince.

11 thoughts on “king pandukabhaya & the prince of goa

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  2. Katy, I don’t think there is any question that Scott is channeling spirits. His works have become highly spiritual in my opinion. They are filled with references that could only come from a powerful higher source. Fascinating stuff. I’m not a religious person per sey but there’s allot out there we don’t know about and scott has always attracted the mystical spirits since I have known him……

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    • Dan, Thank you–as always– for your insights and encouragement of Scott’s art work and creativity. I’ve always loved the purity of every aspect of his paintings. He is capturing soul. We arent religious either. Love, Katy

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