hard rain

People have been telling us about it since we got here in Goa. Back then we didn’t believe we would be here to see it coming. That’s because back in November we were still fresh off our summer kayaking in Maine and processing shock of the bad news Scott received from his doctors in Chapel Hill. But now it is just about 7 months later and we are officially in….monsoon season!

How do we know? One way we know is because our friends at Sur La Mer are packing up for four months. Scott and I have such happy memories of our time in north Goa hanging out at network central.It will be an emotional leavetaking when the Verman family comes down to say goodbye to us.

The other way we know monsoon season is here? Last night the rumbling thunder rolled in low and heavy like Elvis pulling up to Graceland in a pink Cadillac. It was 1AM and I was in bed in the dark but still awake when I heard it. Are you awake? I softly said to Scott in the velvety blackness. Nope. There was no response. The real Ironman was catching up on his Zzzzzzzz. I crept silently out of his room into mine and gently pulled open the curtains to the deck. At exactly that moment the clouds exploded and released a deluge of liquid heaven. I opened the door and became one with the rain.

self portrait (c)scott morgan 2013

Much later but still in predawn hours, Scott woke up and we learned his mother in Cleveland had just received her advance copy of Scott’s 96 page art book of his paintings for Mother’s Day.

Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?
And where have you been my darling young one?
I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains
I’ve walked and I’ve crawled on six crooked highways…

To read the entire lyrics of Bob Dylan’s masterpiece “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” click here

6 thoughts on “hard rain

  1. Thanks John, Mo, Dan…we shall be receiving the Artist’s Proof book hopefully on Monday. Once we have the logistics finalized, we will be offering it for sale via Scott Morgan Fine Art website. Coming VERY soon.


  2. Put “A Hard Rain” on the turntable – never get through it without shedding a few. Looking forward to seeing the book. The portrait is so powerful. All love to you both. neesa & evan xoxo


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