the kids are all right

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Scott’s cousins Jill, Katy, and Marta discovered a treasure trove of photos from their early years. Their dad was Scott’s Uncle Bob of the bear cane fame and of course, the reason Scott was in India attending high school in 1968. This photo of Scott shows him in all his teenage glory.Seeing this photo? I am in love all over again. No wonder Becky was, too. At about that same age (although 7 years later!) I was enroute to NYC and a fashion design career. Here I am below at age 22 circa 1980.
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Now…the two of us have enjoyed a lot of fun together and always have. Scott’s imagination and design skills built us fantasy decks that were ingenius in their playfulness. In Maine he built a double decker tower reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe. In other words, a kid’s paradise. Here we are seen at our Owl Viewing Platform in High Point, NC. This pic was taken right before Scott got The Big C the first time five years ago.
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One of my most cherished memories with Scott is a hike we took in the moss-laden woods of the Island Heritage Trust trails on our island in Maine. The forest was moist with fog that day and we had slickers on. Our two fur babies Loolie and Hershey were on the path with us. Scott was behind me. He said to me, “I wish I had met you first.” My heart skipped a beat and I managed an “Oh?”. “Yeah,” he said. “Because WE would have had kids.” I was immediately caught up in this fantasy despite my 45 year old egg basket. “Really?”, I responded. “How many?” Without hesitation Scott told me a whole lot of them, five or six maybe and more dogs and cats, too. I laughed and told him how happy that would make me. If only…we’d met first. And according to this morphing website I found online, here is what the first baby would have looked like:
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With Father’s Day 2013 just two days behind us, I have been thinking often of what it would have been like to have children with Scott and to have them around us now for comfort and support. Who knows, we might even have had a grandchild or two by now. Scott would have been the coolest funnest dad on the block. He has been a terrific partner and a marvelous friend. And I am grateful for the 8 years we have shared together as soul mates.

14 thoughts on “the kids are all right

  1. OK, this one not only brought me to tears, but a few audible sobs as well! My father was not the fun dad Scott might have been, and even though my husband has all the wonderful traits you listed, he did not have the time or energy to be nearly as amazing as he wanted to be. However, I know that our grandchildren, when they come, will have the
    best, ‘funnest’ grandfather ever!


  2. I loved this post…maybe one of my very favorites.

    I’m sitting in our Istanbul apt…the kids And I on our devices, after a sweaty day of exploring…we arrived yesterday for a 2 1/2 week trip in Turkey…though Parke arrives tomorrow. His mom suddenly had a heart attack sat morn, day we were leaving, he rushed to Colorado, she died that night…crazy.

    Anyway, big love to you and Scott, and yes, the kids would have been amazi ng with a very eccentric, crazy fun daddy

    Love, Alison

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  3. Attn: be aware if you go to to do the baby pic thing they also have nudity on their site as they are promoting celebrity gossip etc. I just chose the first morph site I could find to do my blog. There are others available. Posting this warning in hindsight as kids might be attracted to morphing and this one does have Adult Content. Thanks!


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