roulette pressure

How does blood pressure relate to roulette? As many of you know, I had a pretty large collection of casino chips from casinos around the world. When we left High Point I gave away 75% of those along with parts of my tie collection to all who attended the going away party (including one big chip to pal Raymond Waites). When you google ” blood pressure” and “heart rate” it gives you indications of danger levels to watch out for. You could say the same for roulette. If you only bet red or even or odd there’s a really good chance that you’ll win, 50-50, except for the zeros which I always bet. As you bet more numbers your odds go up of hitting those numbers. I usually bet six different numbers straight up, always the same. 80/60 is a long shot. A 60 heart rate for sitting still laying in bed with no activity is pretty close to the end… unless you are a school child or an athlete, those are not good numbers. I am  gambling that Luca and my siblings arrive before the roulette wheel ball lands on the wrong number. My positive attitude (which has been described by others as “poscottivity”) and bright outlook , Smiling 2 the End, can only take me so far. I am  quite aware of this. I’ve got 3 roulette wheels in this room! Wish me luck.

Scott Morgan (as dictated to Katy who typed for me)

PS There is a casino in the hotel right next to where I used to do a lot of watercolors in the cafe but there are 21 stairs to get up to it (one of my lucky numbers) and unless I can get out of bed–which I can’t–or get carried up those steep stairs by two or three people I won’t see that crummy electronic roulette wheel again!


Vintage roulette wheel watch from possibly as early at the 1920’s or 30’s…

one of Scott’s favorite possessions.

13 thoughts on “roulette pressure

  1. I have never gambled much but have admired the capacity for risk that gamblers have. My best wishes for your desired outcome. I hold you both gently in the warmth of my heart. I am feeling longing for your company. Thank you so very much for reaching out as you have. Namaste.


  2. Katy – please tell Scott how nice it is to hear his words. I think he has already beaten the odds so incredibly that he is the master of roulette!

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  3. Scott I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you, and anything else I can cross without doing myself a mischief! 🙂


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