july? july!

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July? Can it really be July and has it been 9 months since we were going to Goa?

Because Scott never ever ever deletes any pics from his devices, we were able to see photos from July 4th two years ago in Deer Isle, Maine. Our island’s Independence Day Parade is so small it literally goes by twice! It’s our little family tradition and a great way to see all our neighbors and friends and artists on the island. Hope you and your families all have a fantastic 4th of July. Eat a hotdog for us! Namaste, Katy & Scott

6 thoughts on “july? july!

  1. I saw on the national news last night the three ladies in Freeport that stand on the street and wave American flags every Tuesday since 9/11/01, and it reminded me of your parade that goes by twice. Ordered something last night by phone from a nice lady in Portland. We chatted about the flag ladies, the parade that goes by twice, and YOU. I tell almost everyone I meet about you and Going to Goa.


    • the ladies in our slide show are from the nursing home. they bring down all the senior residents to both participate in a float each year or to watch from the sidelines. helps them smile 2 the end 🙂 thanks for spreading the word about our blog and our mission! namaste katy


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