dream connections

Yesterday a body of a drowned young 19 year old man washed up on shore right at the beach in front of our hotel. Apparently two brothers from Hyderabad were going to goa and were on the Casino Carnivale not the Casino Royale (maybe even playing roulette) and after awhile went out on deck to a restricted area. A slip into the river with the strong current leading out to the Arabian Sea…the other brother jumped in after him in an attempt to save him, only to be rescued himself. I was taking a nap when this event drew the authorities to the Marriott’s beach. I’m glad I “missed it”. But it underscored for me the fleeting quality of life and how we get drawn in over our heads by strong currents of emotion. I got to thinking about how fragile we are in the giant scheme of things. The bonds that exist between us are stronger than we realize and hopefully most of us are never tested in such a way that we have to risk our own life for that of a brother’s.

On a lighter note…people have been reporting having visits from Scott in their dreams. One of my feng shui clients, who happens to be Indian but living in Texas, told me that she dreamed of a young Scott covered in bright colors from the annual Hali festival here in India! A close friend of ours said she has seen Scott dancing naked around the gardens with a very happy face and his very thin body. We reported Raymond’s dream here several months ago. There have been many others. If you have had a dream related to Scott please feel free to share it with us in the comments section.  I believe dreams are yet another proof that we are all connected.


from the book of flowers (c) scott morgan 2013

2 thoughts on “dream connections

  1. I remember a dream where Scott visited me quite a few month back. It wasn’t epic or theatrical but it did make me feel good as opposed to how some dreams can make one feel uneasy. We were both smiling as I remember and I woke up happy……..

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