to the last breath

A couple of months ago, I reached out with Scott’s story to an author who wrote a book I am reading called To The Last Breath. He wrote about us on Huffington Post. Our blog surpassed 1550 readers today, too. The ever widening circles on this wheel of life continue to amaze and inspire us.

7 thoughts on “to the last breath

  1. When I think of how long I have known Scott I find it difficult to put a marker on the beginning and certainly hard to accept an end . I realize through Scott and Katy’s invitation to join them on their journey that I , like so many have had the uncanny opportunity to celebrate the incredible voyage the two of them have enjoyed ,endured and continue to take on. This is no ordinary trip but rather the trip of a lifetime, and to be able to share it is certainly a gift to us all. I have to keep reminding my self that I have travelled with them through the comfort of my home and a computer and that things have not always been that simple or easy for them. We all know too well through Katy’s amazing correspondence and Scott’s incredible watercolors and photos that the voyage has had its ups and downs, pleasure and pain. The fact that their blog surpassed 1550 readers does not surprize me, as my point is that this story will go on indefinitely. So as far as accepting an end, well, I believe this story and the message it gives us will will go on long after we are all gone.


    • ‘To The Last Breath’ is a fantastic book about one man’s desire to live to the fullest, by conquering the highest peaks n surfing the biggest waves. It was a real compliment for the author Francis Slakey to know we are touched by his story….and he in turn is touched by Scott’s!


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