carpe diem

What strikes me as we continue this trip of a lifetime! is how many others we know –or are tied to by friends once removed –have just learned within these ten months we’ve been engrossed with Scott’s plight, that they, too, have cancer or some other life threatening disease. Or their loved one has passed. And they are suffering through pain of some kind. This is not a unique situation. It is the human condition. The wheel of life. And we are all on it. Until we’re not. Carpe diem. Seize it til you squeeze every last drop. We have this day. You have this day.


4 thoughts on “carpe diem

  1. Was just with some old college buddies this weekend and you’re right. Each one of us had a story with pain and tragedy involved. From the loss of my brother to a suicide and on and on. Bravo to Katy and Scott for sharing such a personal and painful event and then turning it into something we all will benifit from. A brave and courageous thing………..thank you. xxoo R I Z


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