today’s gift


The weather in Goa is overcast with rain expected and there is a wind. Looking out from Scott’s room one can imagine there might be a slight fall chill in the air, too. It feels unusual. And so, it is.
Today is Nurse Afsal’s 24th birthday. We wanted to do something special to mark the occasion for him. And you know we love celebrating birthdays! So, I ordered some cupcakes from Chef Samantha be deliverd at 9:30AM.

When they arrived I brought them over to Scott’s bed so he could see them. I motioned Afsal and our other nurse closer. Then Scott sang Happy Birthday to Afsal in a clear sweet voice.That was the real gift.

2 thoughts on “today’s gift

  1. g-mom, here is what happened after your phone call.scott pulled off singing happy birthday to his nurse! then, he fell fast asleep. he was happy to hear your story and your voice. proving, mother knows best 🙂 wish you were here. hugs love katy

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