turkey breast on thanksgiving day

As Thanksgiving Day approaches in America, I can’t help but look back at my last Thanksgiving with Scott one year ago in Goa. We were laughing, and I am grateful for that memory of yet another fun time with Scott.

going to goa


We are getting a lot of enjoyment from our hotel pool. It is the one cool oasis in an otherwise brutally hot spate of weather that is reportedly 91F feeling 111F because of the humidity. Scott is completely off of methadone now and that has been replaced with a 50 mg fentonyl patch worn high up on his shoulder. The patch is a time release system that gives him a continual burst of even pain management. It is replaced every 72 hours. What we decided to do was leave a window of a few hours patch free so Scott can get the pleasure of fully immersing himself in either the cool pool or the warm ocean, which takes more effort as it is a little further away.

On the days the patch is on, Scott wades into the pool up to his waist and frequently wears a heavy towel around…

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