navigating the new year

Last night was new year’s eve. I did not imbibe and I did not weep. I simply slowed down and took the time to “just be”.  I’m going to do more of that in the new year. Just be.

Anyway, after the neighborhood fireworks were silent (and Hershey Dawg could finally calm down enough to curl up on the bed with me and Loolie) I went to bed shortly after midnight.

Allgeyer 012

NYC(Waking the Dreamer)©Katy Allgeyer

The dream I had! Oh the dream I had.

Scott and I were in New York wandering the streets with a small group of other friends, some I recognized and some that I do not remember upon waking. We had enjoyed the celebrations and as usual in NYC on new year’s eve taxis would be difficult to come by. Before I knew it I was with one group of friends and Scott was with the other and as we turned a corner we were no longer together. My friends and I called out “Scott!” looking for him and his group as we walked the streets of NYC but eventually we realized we were separated and each of us would have to find our way back home alone. There was no sadness attached to this, it just was. 

I woke up and I wrote it down. Crystal clear to me that Scott is leaving me to navigate the New Year without him. We’re no longer Scott & Katy. We’re on our separate courses in this new year. The destination? Home. Whatever home means to you may you find your way home and have a very happy new year!


6 thoughts on “navigating the new year

  1. Thanks for sharing your dream, Katie. Your interpretation sounds like such a healthy moving on for you. I love the image of you both going home wherever home may be for each of you.

    Happy New year.

    I’ll share my dream with you:

    I was in a train station but for space shuttles. I was in charge of 7 unruly boys who were trying to get into the shuttle that was just outside the station on the tracks waiting to go.

    They were causing lots of problems for me. Meanwhile, I had left my 3 year old daughter in the station alone. She was dressed in a beautiful coat and dress and I ran in a picked her up and felt her pudgy soft cheeks and told her I loved her and put her back down and ran back outside to tend to the unruly boys.

    I woke up knowing she was ok.

    My interpretation is that I am ignoring my feminine side.

    The truth is that my son is needing hours of time and lots of help and attention these days and I am sort of forgetting about our beautiful, self-reliant, very productive daughter.

    I would love to hear whatever comes up for you about my dream.

    love, Karen



  2. Hi Karen– Happy New Year to you and Jamie!

    Thank you for sharing your dream with me. Using Robert Moss’s technique of “If It Were My Dream”…

    I would pay attention to your own gut as to the meaning for you. But if it were my dream I would notice the numbers…3 years (a time frame for you to look at for something?) and 7 unruly boys. For me the 7 immediately conjures up “the 7 deadly sins” as I did an entire solo art exhibition in downtown Los Angeles around that theme in 2005 just prior to meeting Scott. For sure the 7 sins can be thought of as “unruly boys”! Since I know your children are grownups now it’s interesting for you to have a 3 year old daughter. It’s like looking back but at the same time looking far into the future because of the space age train station. A granddaughter perhaps?

    I hope I get to see you guys in the future


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