Second Design Scholarship Awarded in Scott’s Name

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It is with great pleasure we announce that the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship winner for 2016 is Loreta Haaker. Loreta is the second recipient of our $5,000 award. She is following Bronsin Ablon, both students of Pratt Institute in NYC.

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The aim of Scott’s scholarship is to promote original design ideas and foster new work by upcoming designers of furniture and industrial design. Scott Morgan had a passion for design and creativity and I join the scholarship board in congratulating Loreta on her achievement.

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To view more of Loreta Haaker’s portfolio, please visit her website. We are confident that our scholarship winner has a wonderful design career ahead of her. No doubt that we’ll be seeing her name at #hpmkt in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “Second Design Scholarship Awarded in Scott’s Name

    • Yes, Vicki. I noticed the butterflies too and plan to write another post about this synchronicity. I believe Scott would approve this design candidate for his scholarship 🙂


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