watch the interview

Two local videographers, Dr. Salkar’s son Swapnil Salkar and his colleague Ashish Ajgaonkar´╗┐, came to interview Scott prior to the press conference. This was to preserve Scott’s voice as it takes a LOT of energy these days to talk for any length of time. We wanted to make sure we had something on tape in case he wasn’t up to the challenge today. (He was!) You ….

mirror mirror.on.the.wall

Self Portrait March 15, 2013 (c) Scott Morgan nxt. day. after. fifth. today. 14 was. alittle. crazed…….this am…….wow factor. off the charts…….. got up. walked to. shower. fifteen steps. away…… first time in two mo. in. shower,been. sponge. bathing. in. bed, with. helpfrom. male. nurse asfal. who got me walking. again. …..then. had. biggest […]

party crasher confessions

Charles Simmons, aka Seemore, had befriended me and my Aussie friend Liz Jamison through his meanderings at the High Point Furniture Market,what must be now 5-6 years ago. He would visit my showroom (which at that time was in Suites @ Market Square) and we’d bump into each other at assorted Market events. On one […]

anjuna beach hippie market

Wednesday we got an early start and drove in a taxi. Our mission was two-fold: to see the accommodations we are planning to move to next on Dec 2nd, and, to experience the fabled hippie market that’s only open on Wednesdays. Our first stop was Sur La Mer….our friend Sanjiv has a home nearby and […]