Three years ago tomorrow we got the bad news.
I share with you a brief excerpt from the prologue to the first draft of the book I am writing about the trip of a lifetime….

6 months later

thin man goes to goa /season 62 final episode (c) scott morgan 2013 Six months ago today Scott was in the hospital at UNC Chapel Hill getting the results of his colonoscopy emergency biopsy. The surgeon told him he had Stage IV matasticized stomach cancer, inoperable, nothing we can do, go home and get your […]

stairway to heaven

Watercolor Painting (c)Scott Morgan 2013 See the little man crawling up the side of the box in this recent painting Scott did? This art completed on January 10th foreshadowed Scott’s own epic journey on January 12th. He insisted we have our special love-in within the loveliest room of the hotel– the penthouse suite on the […]