my date with liam neeson

Liam Neeson invited me to hang out with him last night in a NYC hotel room. So I did. We sat around talking about coping with grief Liam Neeson-style. We discovered we are kindred souls, Liam and I. Nobody understands this kind of loss unless they’ve been through it, he said. Liam told me he […]


Three years ago tomorrow we got the bad news.
I share with you a brief excerpt from the prologue to the first draft of the book I am writing about the trip of a lifetime….

independence daze

Hey! Where’s the red, white, ‘n’ blue? The buildings draped in patriotic stars ‘n’ stripe bunting? The smell of apple pie and taste of lemonade sold at roadside stands by kids capturing foot traffic from the parade route? Where are all the folks we meet n greet n wish a happy summer n catch up with on their winters and it’s always the same, reassuring, comforting scene? The Fourth of July memories are there…in my heart, chakras wide open…with my other treasures.