christmas gifts

Our Christmas Day so far… Scott wrote a ribbeting poem under the influence of morphine that you can read here.. Soon after he had an uplifting phone call from his high school buddy, Pickles, who has been sending Scott daily emails of funny videos and arresting images such as the photo shown above. Sanjiv checked […]

the high point of oct high point market 2012

Scott got his bad news the Friday that began the 2012 High Point International Furniture Market week. Fortuitously, many if not all of his decades-long colleagues, designers,and friends in the furniture market from around the country and the world (including newer friends from the last five years or so) were in High Point. What an […]

ho, ho, ho!

Every year we’ve been together Scott has made our holiday greeting by digitally manipulating photographs. We hope you are with loved ones today and if you know somebody who is not, give him or her a call and spread some holiday cheer!

christmas eve day

After a not-so-silent tumultuous evening–and some tremendous help from our friend John “JB” Benetti who came running when I called– the Synchronicity Santa arrived this morning bearing gifts that were uniquely meant for our Hero. Scott and I were sitting outside on the terrace waiting for breakfast when a lanky gentleman with spiky hair walked […]

bear with him

Today a very special Fedex package from Alaska arrived for Scott. It contained a wooden walking stick that belonged to his Uncle Bob who passed away over a year ago. Bob Satin was Scott’s mother’s brother and a very influential figure in Scott’s life. Bob is the one that invited Scott to come to India […]