ever widening circles

This epic journey is rife with synchro-mystic moments that fill these two kids with wonder. I hope it’s woken up the wanderlust and inspired people like you to recognize the magic at play all around each of us if we’ve got our hearts and minds open to it. Scott’s cousin Allie coined the phrase human casino chips in reference to Scott’s dispersal of his casino chip collection giving one chip to each of his friends around the world so that now everyone that knows Scott will always be connected to him and to each other. In truth we are all connected to every being on the planet…we just need reminders now and then that separation is an illusion.

This blog has been widely circulated among the alumni of the AIS School in New Delhi that Scott attended in 1968. Over the years he has participated in many multi-class reunions. Some of these later students who never met Scott ( or who did meet him briefly at a reunion) have been reaching out to him as a result. Here is a recent email from one of these former students–Bronwyn– discussing Scott’s close friend Dan Rizzie’s artwork seen here.

Scott, found this in a pile of AIS memorabilia a couple days ago. I had put it all in a safe deposit box years ago when we left for Asia, (1990-2000). I was in Dan’s sister, Carol’s class, but must have picked up this treasure in the newspaper or yearbook office. It was stuck inside an old Taj Times. I didn’t even know Dan, but must have thought this was a cool self-portrait. Thought you’d enjoy a familiar face from way back when


self portrait 1968 (c) dan rizzie

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