thumbs way up

Scott’s good friend Sanjiv arrived in Goa last night for another visit. His jovial presence always puts a smile on Scott’s face and this time is no exception. Scott’s energy was too low for lengthy conversation but his spirits were high and he managed to give Sanjiv a thumbs up or thumbs down in response […]

reach out and touch somebody…

Often Scott and I are deeply moved by our readers’ own stories. We are reposting this here but the original exchange can be seen on our Contact page in the comments section. Thank you for sharing, Jeannie! Good day Scott and Katy Please know I didn’t ignore your reply. I honestly didn’t know it was […]

feeling red in my bed

One of the benefits of having a good friend like Sanjiv is that he thinks outside the box and gets things done. Like getting a better cable TV package and bigger TV installed in the hospital. Or coming up with a way to bring live entertainment to Scott 3-4 times weekly. Shown here is Anand and his accordion,…

art from the heart

These 3 paintings were done this week from the bed studio. Scott grabs his brush and paints any time he has a smidgeon of energy. The stone or rock wall theme has emerged as a new direction in Scott’s work. Here we have a pathway to infinity surrounded by what Scott says is “lots and lots of flowers”. Another….