24 hourz in life of scott

one. day
24 hourz
what do. i. do

this. is. to. put. down a. day in my. life in goa. from waking up. to. next. morning
when. the. birds. outside. my door near. the. bay, sing. me. a sweet song. around. five am ,they. dont. know. if. up or asleep.
when. i. get. up. ,rarely. out of. bed. till 730-830 if. i go to breakfast. via. my trusty wheelchair
at. first wake i am in total darkness, all my needs. within reach: iPad,art supplies. five. pair. eyeglasses,pills. water. protein shake, computer. mouse. n sound. mixer. for. volume
feeling. like. a. ninety yr. old. have a habit wanting. everything in its place. close. and. in same location,funny. notice. any. thing. diff even if. a. pen is. in new place,my. eyes. open. and. im happy to. be. alive. i sometimes check e. mailz or read. a nytimes ,la. times , wash. post. art newspaper ,katys. blog. before doing. most. anything. else,i excersise my. legs. torso leg. lifts
watch. cnn news. and. wait. for. katys. appearance,she. could. be. right next to me asleep from watching. movie. late,like. we. did. last. night. ,saw. …Kim 1951,errol flynn,dean stockwell plays. young. kim,great. movie. about india 1850 s. very. well done. w. super. cast. and. visuals.
by. 9 .30 im. with katy. at. brkfst. room on bay with. nice. view. usually table no.12
one of. my roullette. numbers ,we. eat,having eggs. pineapple banana, crispy bacon, milk,for me
little. bits. of. all,like. bird….

we. read. three local. newspapers,goa. n area
chk big. screen movie theatre. selection five. min. cab,then. wheel me outside. for. fifteen min. stroll up. down beach front. thru. pool area. to a. sea. wall. sit. for. awhile,not 100 tdy. maybe in 80s
then its up. to. lobby,open. to. elements. high ceiling. large open. space,great breeze. which. get. rolling in. two. three hours,i. set. up. watercolors at end of. 25 ft. marble. table. w. five. huge vases. w. four. ft. flowers. poking. out. top,my. spot. is. always. there. and. nice. in am. good
light. roomy,i. sit. n do a few. paintings,w. 2-8 people. looking. over. shoulder. rarely. saying. anything but. peeking. at. what i. doing,katy. sit. reads. white hotel sheet condensed. nyt..usa. tdy. and an international edition. maybe. 10. pages. ,has. all top stories……then if. windy. i. move. into aZur cafe 100 ft. away in a/c. room. like. fridge,while. lobby. is. now. like. an oven

do. some. more. art. look at i pad. email. check furniture news, la. times. again,have juice
they. always. bring. me. water. three glasses,one to drink, one for. paints one to wash. brushes
maybe. one. nurse. of. ours. shows up at 1:30 pm and i head. back to room,have an hour. massage very. head to toe. never on back. cant. roll over,tailbone and ribs. poke. right thru,then. maybe. cnn ,tel. calls,e mail,write. something. maybe. song. or. scribble,then sleep. if can. for. one hour. plus

mid. afternoon. put. on. amazon,netflix. look for. movie, art movie,saw. vic munoz. garbage. to. art. amazing. documentary about brazil landfill making. art. showing. selling. giving. bk to. commmunity
fab. idea,maybe. then old. movie. capt.blood,james. bond,skyfall,ken burns. documentry
then. look at. tv,talk. with katy… sanjiv. in. delhi. always. calls. hit. pipe if. feel. oooky
all day. on. narco. drugs. fentynol patch. ,dilauded,morphine. small pills. for. stomach. which. is. constantly hurting. tightens. up. inside. like. knots. all where operation. was four years ago. and. quite. uncomfortable. all. the time. for. last. three weeks,big. paain under. control had. visit 8 pm. from. pain doctor. discussed. diet. pill intake,relationship. patch. strength to my. new. lite. weight. me,hvnt. been on scale. but. guessing120. or less,,,fading. away

dinner. usually every other. night same. w brkfst. sometimes i. dont. eat. at all except. milkshakes,w. protein,any. plumbing. very. very. tuff,can. be. over. five. hours. to get. almost. normal quite painful. during. actual. push thru….i .could. pass out. from exhaustion …whew
nite. time. tv. movies. sketch.art,take. sleeping. pill almost. every. night just. one. could take. more. dont…my night dreams are always. out. of this world. the. opiates create. strange images. usually. lost. looking. for. car or. luggage. or. in strange. homes. or. parties. full strangers,never. am i sick. or. in wheelchair in my dreams…..just one time in last four. months,

i. think. all day. about. friends. n family. and. events. watching. slide. shows on. computer screen. showing. hundreds. images of. everything n everyone,including. maine. and. high point trips. to. europe, india. places. etc,my. mind. floats. all over the place,i get very. emotional. when. reading. e mail with real content about. real. events. that people. are. going. thru.

i. look at. my. art that i’ve done often and. other. artists’. work and. spend. many. hours thinking. about. my. own. situation: will it. change. ,wondering. why. i’ve survived. so. long. and. how. happy. i am to. be. here. now seeing. the. sunsets. and. sunrises,hearing. from. anyone on tel. is. great. e. mails. i. love to receive…. looking. at. comments and sending. out. to. different friends the interesting. articles. i see. is. a. joy! life. is. good. and. 24. hours is. melting. day into. day
up. a. lot. and. alert mostly…. painfree,kinda. and. spirits. 99 percent. great. my. days. continue. to. make. me want to. be. alive. ………….and. i. am six. months –two weeks away–
we. have to. renew our. visas… doing that now

.our good friend abu. arrives any. day. now from. pakistan and usa
really. excited,luca. said. he. might. come. from. italy. again,,rohan. marley. maybe. april, he. said
scott. sending. hugz. n love. from. my 24. hour routine day……..


12 thoughts on “24 hourz in life of scott

  1. Great informative story Scooter. I have images galore now. Love pics of you. Always smiling. Inspiration as always. You are so generous with your time, life and heart. I thank you for that. I’m in Maryland with Susan’s sis and husband . Going to see my nephew for first time since Jim’s death. Has been a very weird emotional time. Need to keep moving forward. Have learned so much from you about how to do exactly that. Love to you and Katy. xxoo hugs

    Sent from my iPhone Please excuse typos


  2. Thanks, Scott, for sharing your amazing days with everyone. Quite an inspiring experience to read and see your adventures and art each day. Here’s a good one on Netflix instant watch if you’ve not seen it already: Her Master’s Voice, by ventriloquist Nina Conti. Worth a look next time you’re looking for something to look at. Enjoy! -tim


  3. Scott, thank you for sharing your intimate thoughts and physical description. It is very moving for me to be let into your mind and I am very very appreciative. Needless to say, Katy is a wonderful partner for you. Your art is delicate and flowing…keep it coming. -Tracy VB


  4. Dear Scott,

    Your minute by minute synopsis made your life very real. Oh, to learn to value you what we have before we fear losing it………

    Robert and I are in the throes of change. We just sold the house we have lived in for forty-four years. Now that really makes one consider what is important. And I decided that what makes me happy is plants, sunlight, my orchids, my garden. I will give up the amzing water views (for the money) but cannot sacrifice the outdoors. So NO apartment.

    It’s a constant revision and we never know what’s around the corner. I have tried to live my life with that as a caveat.

    Keep living each moment to the fullest,



  5. Great Scott ! ! ! I mean THAT you are, THAT, with an exceptional attitude….to share in your saga is an emotional, meaningful, courage inducing, dramatic, journey. Keep heart, and what a big one you have.


  6. Love the pic.. Geo Harrison like.. but so much more meaningful . Thank you Scott, for being the man,person, kind talented loving soul you are..
    Much love, peace, thoughts and prayers to you and your very sweet and talented Katy…


  7. Mr. Dude!
    …lookin’ bahote acchaa! I was at Kumbh Mela and Varanasi to do poojas for Becky, first 2 weeks of March. I will have photos and narrative soon. Spread her ashes at the confluence of Ganges, Yamuna and Sarswati. I miss her dearly…

    I will be returning to Goa in October and will stop by if you are accepting visitors. I would like to meet this Katy soul…you are one lucky bhai sahib!

    Your ol’ schoolmate
    Doug Haney…class of ’69


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