strong new paintings


Horse © scott morgan 2013

It is hard to believe that Scott’s heart rate is 60 and his BP at 80/60 when one views these 3 gorgeous new paintings he completed yesterday. Horse was done on smooth Arches paper. He told me he contemplated whether or not to put a tail on and decided against. The city scape below reminds me of that popular 1960’s cartoon television show The Jetsons which is why I titled it Future Taj. The landscape below was completed this very morning. It certainly does have a feeling of the monsoons we’ve been experiencing here. The strongest heaviest monsoons in 20 years, they say.


Future Taj © scott morgan 2013

While the monsoons may be the strongest wildest ever, Scott’s personal time is definitely on the wane. I am happy to report however that he woke up hungry and I was able to help him get around one half of an egg down between a bite or two of buttered scrambled eggs and a bite or two of ‘egg in the hole’ (an egg in the center of a piece of toast). Plus some frozen watermelon juice ice cubes and a few sips of protein shake. Later today a friend will help him create a video concept he has from one of his new paintings. We’ll upload the painting and the video when it’s completed.



Monsoon © scott morgan 2013

14 thoughts on “strong new paintings

  1. Scott never ceases to amaze me with his strong and positive mind, and you too Katy. More hugs zooming over to you both. 🙂


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