fishgirl birthday

Truly a spectacular day to cherish forever. Scott made a celebration for me that lasted all day long. Began my day with signs of love and tons of well wishes sent by email and facebook. Thank you all for your birthday wishes! Then I had a massage at the spa while Scott corralled the Marriott […]

time for some deja vu

Sitting on a bench at the water’s edge just before sunset tonight on St.Paddy’s Day, Santa Monica cruises by. Not the sun kissed California city Scott resided in for years while I was living nearby in Venice Beach, the two of us living in parallel universes that wouldn’t find a sweet intersection until he left […]

shock & awe

There’s something about having a new pope that makes me want to confess (and I’m not even Catholic!). Here it is: “caregiver’s guilt” is tripping me out…I feel partly responsible for Scott’s shock and awe yesterday looking in the mirror. Although I was not with him this time, I witnessed the look on his face […]

mirror mirror.on.the.wall

Self Portrait March 15, 2013 (c) Scott Morgan nxt. day. after. fifth. today. 14 was. alittle. crazed…….this am…….wow factor. off the charts…….. got up. walked to. shower. fifteen steps. away…… first time in two mo. in. shower,been. sponge. bathing. in. bed, with. helpfrom. male. nurse asfal. who got me walking. again. …..then. had. biggest […]

whatz. five months to me.march 13

SEE SCOTT SINGING BY CLICKING HERE ! It was. five. months ago. today…. i was sitting in the hospital room after a biopsy,colonoscopy,etc that my. surgeon wthree other doctors. came into. my room in my groggy state ,i sat up. and said hello she. the surgeon,then asked. me ? do i kow. my name,where was […]

art in dark

bitches brew (c) scott morgan 2013 done. in. total darkness listening to miles davis bitches brew…..three …… then added. faces. only. then. little watercolr. 1st three here……been very prolific the past two. days. up. nights. listening. to music…… trying. new. things. see what. comes. out. …… experiment (c) scott morgan 2013 would. like. to hear […]