human casino chips

Scotto, You are here w/ us, every day. Thank you for the amazing artifacts. They are in good company. Love’n hugs. D&N Scott had an impressive collection of both designer neckties and globally acquired casino chips that he decided to disperse during the farewell party in High Point,in Los Angeles at the send off we […]

fishgirl birthday

Truly a spectacular day to cherish forever. Scott made a celebration for me that lasted all day long. Began my day with signs of love and tons of well wishes sent by email and facebook. Thank you all for your birthday wishes! Then I had a massage at the spa while Scott corralled the Marriott […]

time for some deja vu

Sitting on a bench at the water’s edge just before sunset tonight on St.Paddy’s Day, Santa Monica cruises by. Not the sun kissed California city Scott resided in for years while I was living nearby in Venice Beach, the two of us living in parallel universes that wouldn’t find a sweet intersection until he left […]