holiday dogz

miss my pupkies… sdm Loolie and Hershey are sporting green and red bindhi dots here. Scott applied them with his watercolor paint. Only Scott would think of something like that! Can you understand what a powerful attraction this man is for me? Creativity oozes from his pores and inspires my own. This picture was taken […]

born to be wild 1951

Scott Morgan’s portrait of Aneel above, Aneel’s poem to Scott below. Scott Morgan Born to be wild in 1951….will live forever in my heart….. To know him is to love him ….oh what a star… Came into our lives from seven oceans afar Shared his whole life with us and gives wholesome advice Last night […]

rock ‘n’ roll high school

According to Scott’s schoolmate Dan Rizzie–who sent these photos to us–Scott spent a lot of time up on the roof of the A.I.S. high school in Delhi in 1968. What were you doing up there, Scooter?! Revisiting the school the first week of November when Scott and I arrived in Delhi was a priority. I […]


Scott’s heart is so huge. Today we met some more people that have become instant friends. Caleb, Matt, Marika and her dog Yago were all at the pool this morning when we came out for breakfast. Yago was frolicking in the pool for his first time. Scott had already been up for hours making art […]

vagator vagabonds

Scott saved up his energy all day Monday December 10th so he could take me to Thalassa aka Mariketty’s Place, the Greek restaurant with the most amazing view, in Vagator last night. High up on a cliff overlooking a pocket beach at the base of a mountain…..palms swaying in the seabreeze that was keeping us […]

sunset superman

This is a photo Scott took of our hotel’s private beach at sunset. The water is warmer than the swimmimg pool and usually very gentle waves, if any. Makes for easy bodysurfing. The sand is superfine and feels like silk to walk in. Near the shoreline it is very flat and wide and perfect conditions […]