distraction therapy

Sometimes the only way to overome dizziness and nausea is to ignore it. Use distraction therapy. that can mean watching TV, listening to music, meditating, doing something else you love. At 10 pm last night Scott and I had only intended to take a short stroll to the end of the terrace. We wound up […]

space traveling

Here we are waiting for the froggie to poop. It’s been waaaay too long. Prescribed laxatives have not done the their job. This is how morphine and fentynol and dilaudid can complicate gastrointestinal problems. Our friend and host Aneel Verman at Sur La Mer insists he has the cure: beet root soup. Aneel finally got […]

holiday dogz

miss my pupkies… sdm Loolie and Hershey are sporting green and red bindhi dots here. Scott applied them with his watercolor paint. Only Scott would think of something like that! Can you understand what a powerful attraction this man is for me? Creativity oozes from his pores and inspires my own. This picture was taken […]

born to be wild 1951

Scott Morgan’s portrait of Aneel above, Aneel’s poem to Scott below. Scott Morgan Born to be wild in 1951….will live forever in my heart….. To know him is to love him ….oh what a star… Came into our lives from seven oceans afar Shared his whole life with us and gives wholesome advice Last night […]